Among the perfume bottles on the shelves we came .. to offer the world of scents something new and innovative fragrances of our own design Among the perfume bottles on the shelves we came .. innovative fragrances of our own design .. shine in the diversity of smells and sources, and is characterized by its luxury and the accuracy of its composition and the strength of its impact .. to tell the story of the smell starting from the thinking of mixing it, through its elaborate manufacture, and ending with the exquisite final design…

We hope that ” Al Hossn Incense & Perfumes ” will become a part of your life so that you will share your happy times, and become your memory boxes in which you keep your beautiful moments.

Our vision

The UAE is the leading perfume maker, and we are a measure of the quality and luxury of aromatic aromas, making ” Al Hossn Incense & Perfumes ” a difficult number in the world of perfume manufacturing and installation.

Our message

The competition in the field of perfume production must be raised, which was brought to his ” Al Hossn Incense & Perfumes ” with her professional staff and with all the scents and industries, to make the smell a stand-alone world we serve you in a bottle.

Our goals

In ” Al Hossn Incense & Perfumes “, we seek to achieve our mission and vision through an integrated work that consists of

– Offering unrefined and constantly fresh, high-quality scents and flavors to reach the forefront of fragrance manufacturers.

– Access to special and exclusive aromatic combinations called ” Al Hossn Incense & Perfumes ” to be a global brand.

– Customer satisfaction with products and the transformation of their use from experience to being an essential part of their routine.

– Keep up with all the new smells and sources of perfume, and every newer of techniques extracted, mixed, and prepared.

Our values

– High quality and mastery in the implementation of all parts of the work, from the selection of raw materials sources to after-sales service to our customers.

– Credibility and transparency in dealing with our partners and customers all over the world.

– Creativity and continuous innovation in the composition of aromatic mixtures, and in the ways in which they are presented

Baniyas East

Al Sharat St – Bani Yas Baniyas East
Email: info@alhosn-oud.com
Phone: +971 2 631 0930

Abu Dhabi

18th St – Zone 1E22
Email: info@alhosn-oud.com
Phone: +971 0 2444 3305

Al Ain

الحصن للعود والعطور – العين – Unnamed Road
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Phone: +971 0 3781 4375